Lunduyan 2012: Day 2

Bonuan, Pangasinan. Beach

Oh yeah. I’m currently here at Pangasinan for Lunduyan 2012, Luzon-Wide Student Convention. October 22-26, 2012. 

Yesterday (October 23), we had an activity called Basic Mass Integration where we went in a community and interviewed a farmer and a fisherman. The discussion went well. There, they told us the problems that they are currently encountering. It is really a heart breaking news for me. Well, i didn’t expect that they would say things like those (censored details). Pangasinan seems a developed province for me but… Yes, when in terms of establishments, roads, products but in politics? Oh forget it.

Those kids in the picture became my ‘bestfriends’, tour guides and entertainers. They’re so amazing! Hihi. Esp Erna, the girl wearing the red shirt :-) They also helped us clean the area.

So, yeah. Am speechless and don’t know how to end this post. I’ll continue posting soon for Lunduyan.

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